The last post “Artificial Christmas Trees in White”, gave us some great examples of what is available to be had online at some really competitive prices. So I thought it best to follow up with some thoughts on one of the top reasons that is so good about these things!

Well, in a nutshell artificial Christmas trees last.

They last a very long time when you look after them properly, like packing them away neatly in their box after each seasonal airing. Always be careful not to bend the wire branches all out of shape or even to bend them at all if you can help it. This keeps the wire strong and means the tree will keep its shape year after year. It works for all types such as artificial frazier fir Christmas trees and all other types as well, so a little extra work here and there will save you much more in the long run.

Artificial Christmas trees last longer when you keep pets away from them, especially cats as they are natural tree climbers and will love nothing better than to climb into your beloved festive pine tree and scratch all the artificial pine needles off the branches in their attempts to get at the toys that are hanging in the highest branches.

Not to mention the fact that pets (such as cats) also last longer if they’re kept away from the electric cords of the tree lights – a claw in the wrong place could spell a nasty shock for kitty and a call to the fire brigade for its owner after the resulting electrical short out sets fire to what’s left of the tree!

Artificial Christmas trees last a long time when you treat them with respect and remember that they’re for decoration and not for kids to climb up and make aerial dens in (you’d be surprised!) or to shoot toy arrows or other projectile missiles at that they might receive as Christmas presents. It doesn’t matter whether you have a standard tree or even an upside down Christmas tree, they will not stand up to even minor punishment. Better to let the little darlings shoot at each other rather than at the tree, as skin woulds will heal over time, whereas a demolished tree will end up having to be replaced sooner than expected!

So that’s really the gist of this post. Be kind to your artificial Christmas trees and treat them well and they will last for many years, giving you many festive seasons worth of pleasure.